Securing The US/Mexico Border and Destroying the Cartels

In 2021, the equivalent of the population of Ireland crossed into the United States outside of lawful
processes. Much of this population transfer is organized by criminal organizations–human traffickers and
cartels–and by non-profits well-funded by nefarious billionaires seeking to undermine the integrity of our
borders and overwhelm our police, welfare organizations, community organizations, and our towns and
cities with crime and drugs. Legal processes for immigration must be followed and all organizations
seeking to thwart these processes are criminal or aiding and abetting terrorism. The U.S. must secure its
borders against the non-stop invasion of drug cartels and human traffickers, and 100% enforce all
existing U.S. immigration and residency laws. “A nation without borders is no nation at all.” Biden’s
superhighway for Murderers Without Borders must be dismantled. We must declare the cartels terrorist
organization and wage war on them to get and keep them out of our country and give them the death
penalty for their crimes against humanity

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