Big-Tech and Government Collusion

Corporate/Government partnerships to silence dissenting voices is the stuff of Banana Republics.
Government workarounds to force media companies to violate the speech rights of its citizens and to
promote only “approved government sources” through the manipulation of search engines is a clear and
present danger to us all. The American people have been subject to a relentless propaganda program,
including a constant stream of misinformation, selective DOJ leaks to media harming only one political
side, Department of Homeland Security “Disinformation Governance Boards,” employing CIA-connected
media personalities, pushing Big Tech to cover up political stories harmful to the corrupt establishment,
and using social media as a workaround for surveillance of average Americans. How are these tactics
different from the worst authoritarian dictators in the world today? I believe we are close to governments
at every level moving from telling us what we cannot say to telling us what we must say, as some
corporations already do today. A free press is a diverse and independent press. The American people
demand a new Church Committee to expose the assault on Americans by intelligence agencies in their
partnership with Big Tech.

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