Pledge of Integrity

My Commitment to West Virginia's 2nd District and America


West Virginia needs a leader in Washington. It’s time for politicians to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. I intend to lead by example on matters of ethics and anti-corruption in my office. Therefore:

  • I pledge to divest myself of all publicly traded investments (stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrency), other than a third-party managed retirement fund before taking office. There will be NO INSIDER TRADING in my office.
  • I pledge to recuse myself on any votes which directly benefit me or my family.
  • I pledge to limit myself to no more than four two-year terms as Representative. There is no reason to be in this office longer than eight years.
  • I pledge to hold my own office with complete transparency. I will have no secret meetings with lobbyists and will not be bought by any donor. I will stand on my principles.
  • I pledge to not lobby the United States Congress upon leaving office. The revolving door of lobbyists and congressmen in the swamp will be a shut and locked door to me. I will use my position to serve only the interests of Mountaineers and the citizens of this great nation, not foreign governments, or special interests.

Government Oversight, Transparency, and Accountability

Unaccountable bureaucrats who shape policy separate from elected leaders, and who persecute lawabiding American people and subvert their will without consequence–this is what the “Deep State” means. This is a personal matter to me, and I know it is to so many of you. I pledge to finally DO SOMETHING about an unaccountable, runaway police and administrative state and to hold them accountable for their abuses of power.

America First

A government of the people, by the people, for the people–this is the heart of America First. The government exists to protect OUR rights and serve OUR interests, not those of foreign powers, transnational organizations, or multinational corporations.

Take The Red Pill

The indoctrination of young people to hate America, the constant drumbeat by leftist groups claiming victimhood, the false sense of entitlement being taught by popular culture, and the rise of authoritarianism and cancel-culture is robbing Americans of freedom of thought, free speech, free association, and free markets. The ROAD TO FREEDOM is the antidote, served in a red pill. Popularized by the movie, “The Matrix”, taking the “Red Pill” symbolizes waking up to the reality that we have been being lied to by the Elites of Government, Media, and Pop Culture. It shows them just how deep the rabbit hole goes. It exposes the enemies of Liberty and their plan to subjugate us all, Once the blinders are off, we can see a better vision of the future, one with a message of hope, that God has not forsaken us, and that we can right this ship if we return to the ideals and principles this great nation was built on, like love of country, love of your fellow man, and love of God.

Political Dynamics Heat Up as Riley Moore’s Poll Numbers Fall & West Virginia for Life’s Unprecedented Endorsement Raises Questions

Charleston, WV  September 20, 2023 — After confirmation that West Virginians for Life’s (WVFL) would send out questionnaires to all candidates in the WV-2 race ...
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The National Owner Operators Association Proudly Endorses Nate Cain, a Military Veteran & Federal Whistleblower for West Virginia’s 2nd District

Whistleblowers are often a Nation’s first line of defense from fraud, waste, and abuse. In many cases, particularly within the intelligence community (IC), they may ...
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Whistleblower Protection

Whistleblowers are often a Nation’s first line of defense from fraud, waste, and abuse. In many cases, particularly within the intelligence community (IC), they may ...
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Private Property and Small Business Rights

The Biden administration has completed the conversion of federal agencies from regulatory bodies to lethal tools of oppression. 87,000 new IRS agents have been authorized ...
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West Virginia Infrastructure

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave WV a grade of “D” for its state infrastructure in 2020.Immediate investment in critical infrastructure could bring 10,000 ...
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Energy Independence

The technology to burn coal cleanly isn’t a fantasy or a slogan; it exists. While Biden’s left hand grants permission to Venezuela to restart oil ...
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