The Surveillance State & Privacy Rights

Ever since the introduction and passage of the Patriot Act after 9-11, we have seen an ever-growing
threat to liberty growing unchecked within our own government. That threat is quickly becoming a
permanent fixture of American life known as the “Surveillance State” and it is the beginning of the road to
the complete dissolution of our individual rights and freedoms and its replacement with an authoritarian
Police State. Examples of this are abundantly seen in the abuses of power with the secret FISA courts,
the countless warrantless searches and seizures with the use of National Security Letters (NSL), FBI
paying millions in payments to Confidential Informants in order to entrap and set up Conservative
Americans, the unmasking of American Citizens and the rule changes made by the Obama
administration, the arming and massive hiring of new IRS agents, etc. I will fight against every attempt to
grow the surveillance state.

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