Energy Independence

The technology to burn coal cleanly isn’t a fantasy or a slogan; it exists. While Biden’s left hand grants permission to Venezuela to restart oil production, his right hand restricts production here in the United States.

Biden chokes the people of the United States, not its enemies. West Virginia can and should be a major contributor to regaining America’s status as the world’s leading energy producer.

In addition, the metallurgical properties of West Virginian coal in particular, allow it to be used for a wide variety of high quality construction and manufacturing processes. The Marcellus and Utica Shale formations may as well be gold mines to this state. As a proud West Virginian, you know this. It’s time the rest of the country–and the world–does as well.

The U.S. must unshackle itself from its dependency on the energy resources of other nations. We must end Biden’s dismantling of the U.S. energy sector. We should be energy independent and net exporters of oil, natural gas, and coal.

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