Ending Medical Tyranny

So many West Virginians have suffered under COVID lockdowns. In the name of “saving lives”,
governments across the nation–including this state–have destroyed them. The Washington Post called
the effect of lockdowns on West Virginians a “recipe for death.” COVID didn’t cause these harms–
government responses to COVID did. Lockdowns destroyed small businesses, leading to increased
despair and hopelessness. In 2020, in the county in which I live, opioid deaths significantly exceeded
COVID deaths. No government may make you participate in a society-wide science experiment. No
employer may fire you for refusing a “vaccine.” No more mask mandates based on CDC propaganda.
Science is not owned by compromised bureaucrats. If you cannot control your own healthcare and the
healthcare of your children, if you cannot even earn a living because you are “non-essential,” you are not

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