Rebuilding and Maintaining a Lethal Force

General Flynn and Nate Cain

Our Armed Forces serve to protect all of us. They must be strong, resilient, healthy (both physically and
mentally), well trained, well-armed, and lethal. The current administration has weakened our military by
introducing “woke” ideologies, wasting tax dollars on equity training, experimenting on the force with
potentially harmful and unnecessary vaccines. The Pentagon has resorted to kicking out some of our
most highly trained warriors over COVID vaccine religious and medical exemptions that they do not wish
to honor, yet they have allowed transgender service members to serve while undergoing hormone
treatments at taxpayers’ expense. Congress must do a better job of overseeing the Pentagon’s budgets
and policies. “Woke” ideology must be purged from our war colleges and the Pentagon must be reminded of what the mission and purpose of our armed services is, which is, “…to provide the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security.”

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