About NATE

God, Family, Country


Nate Cain is a U.S. Army veteran and has traveled the world with his family due to military service. He continued to serve his country as a U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps civil servant and defense contractor in cybersecurity engineering for over two decades.

Nate Cain has roots in the Appalachia, where his family were coal miners and farmers. He chose to settle his family in West Virginia, so they could enjoy the greatest level of freedom and a life surrounded by the beauty of God’s country. He feels a connection with a community of folks who value God, family, and country and where the 2nd amendment is not infringed.

Nate Cain believes that our greatest success as a country stems from its foundation in God. His personal relationship with Jesus Christ, whom he came to know as a teenager, has been the strongest influence of his life. He boldly speaks about the importance of faith in God and recognizes the problems we face in our country and in our families that cannot be solved by human intervention alone. It requires the grace of God.

In Nate’s career as a cybersecurity expert of 26 years, he has worked for the Army, Navy, Marines, Defense Information Systems Agency, National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, receiving medals and service commendations in several positions. Nate has taken the oath three times, once as a soldier and twice as a Department of Defense civilian. He has held and still holds a Top Secret security clearance for 25 of those years, having been entrusted with the protection and security of the Nation and its secrets. Nate has grown in his relationship with the Lord throughout the years and, though a fallible human being and despite the difficulties of life, he has always returned to the principles he learned through his faith. His integrity and commitment to telling the truth in difficult circumstances has come at great personal cost to both him and his family, but he has no regrets, and the Lord has used those trials to strengthen his faith.

In 2017 while working at the FBI, he discovered that leadership at the Bureau and in the DOJ were refusing to pursue open case files on Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, effectively obstructing justice relating to Uranium 1 and many other matters. Suppressing highly credible evidence in their possession of a national security issue of urgent concern, the FBI took sides in the 2016 election, determined to falsely paint Donald Trump as a Russian operative and running cover for Hillary Clinton’s Russian-related crimes. Nate could not ignore this grave injustice and, after much prayer, decided to blow the whistle through the DOJ Inspector General’s office, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI). Several months after blowing the whistle the FBI retaliated by violating his civil rights through unconstitutional surveillance and then raided his home, confiscating his personal property, victimizing his family through intimidation and a vicious smear campaign. The FBI leaked his identity to the press with misinformation in an attempt to destroy his reputation and silence him. Five years later, after incurring financial losses, attacks on his character, and suffering serious injury to his career, he was never charged with a crime nor had a single suspension to his clearance. It was all a sham investigation to cover for the deeply corrupt Clinton machine. It was only through his faith in God and the support of his family, friends, and colleagues who knew him that he survived and recovered.

After Nate’s service to his country as a whistleblower, he was called on once again by Trump’s White House to assist with election integrity investigations after the 2020 election. He took a leave of absence from his job for two months without pay and dedicated himself to STOP THE STEAL by working day and night under the pressure of an impending and quickly approaching certification of the electors. Nate provided expert witness testimony in multiple federal lawsuits, where he witnessed first-hand the corruption of our courts, many who refused to allow evidentiary hearings in several cases where there was clear evidence of multiple felony violations of federal law. These irregularities were never addressed in 2020 and came back to resurface in 2022, causing continued chaos and distrust in our elections in states like Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. He has continued to fight for election integrity and voting systems security.

Nate believes in the power of the free-market system and has been willing to take the required risks to be successful as an entrepreneur. After the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate put pressure on his employer to enforce compliance, Nate founded a cybersecurity company of his own, which has provided high-paying jobs to over a dozen people working on various projects. After his whistleblowing trials, God blessed Nate and his family with business success and a home in Hedgesville, Berkeley County, WV. Even given the stability and success he has recently experienced, Nate is willing to again risk it all to run for Congress in what is sure to be a difficult campaign against the West Virginia political establishment. Other than a city council seat in a very small township in Pennsylvania, Nate is an outsider to political office, currently has no establishment machine or major donors behind him, does not come from a politically connected family, and has never worked as part of the DC Swamp. Nate is an underdog candidate and is willing to throw punches against the Goliaths of government, which is just the way Mountaineers like their fighters.