Our Territorial Integrity and Access to International Markets

The encroachment of our enemies into our territories and ports are a serious national security threat. Why
do we allow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to buy up land near our military bases? Why do we
allow CCP ownership and contracts over U.S. ports? Why do we allow international waterways to be
challenged by the CCP in the South China Sea, the Iranians in the straits of Hormuz, and Somali Pirates
off the coast of Africa? The CCP’s “Belt and Road” initiative is simply a term for its imperialist ambitions,
the ultimate goal of which is to control as many of the earth’s resources, ports, waterways, and territories
as possible. The US spent billions of taxpayers’ dollars to survey and build up an extensive rare earth
mineral extraction operation in Afghanistan only to have the Biden Administration hand it over to the
Taliban and the CCP, refusing the same investment in West Virginia mines.

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