Private Property and Small Business Rights

The Biden administration has completed the conversion of federal agencies from regulatory bodies to lethal tools of oppression. 87,000 new IRS agents have been authorized to prey on your finances with heavy penalties and tie you up in court for years. Fact checkers claim these agents are not all armed, and yet the IRS bought 5 million rounds of ammo this last spring. Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act grants full authority to the EPA to further crush industry in this state and your ability to get energy at an affordable cost. For months, HHS, in partnership with West Virginia authorities, told you how many people could “safely” be in your small business at once–if you were allowed to open at all. You are under constant surveillance by intelligence agencies as a result of the Patriot Act and its subsequent amendments. And the worst is now being proposed: a central bank digital currency (CBDC) controlled by the U.S. Government, which would allow federal agencies to be in complete control of your money, what you are allowed to purchase and when, and whether you have access to it at all. Private property rights and the ability to start and run a small business are under assault as never before. This must be stopped. Immediately.

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