West Virginia Infrastructure

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave WV a grade of “D” for its state infrastructure in 2020.Immediate investment in critical infrastructure could bring 10,000 much-needed jobs to West Virginia. […]

Corporate Bailouts

If a corporation is “Too big to fail” then maybe, it’s time to break it up. The American taxpayer shouldnever be made into an emergency piggy bank for corporations. Corporate […]

Foreign Aid

The U.S. must end unaccountable foreign aid while Americans are suffering under the burden of inflationand taxation. U.S. veterans are homeless while we pay for housing for Ukrainians. This isunconscionable.

Government Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

As the last two administrations pushed through $5 trillion in COVID relief spending, fraudsters licked their chops. Up to half of the $873 billion unemployment benefits was lost to organized […]

Monetary Policy and The Federal Reserve

The printing presses must be stopped. The Federal Reserve plays with our lives as if they don’t matter. When money is printed, the people are subject to taxation through inflation. […]

Fair & Free Market Principles

Economies work best when governments do not smother small businesses with regulations and taxes. Large corporations, wielding undue influence through lobbyists and blatant, un-prosecuted corruption, should not be allowed. The […]

Inflation and Its Effect on America’s Working Class

This winter, as snow falls, the cost of heating your home will rise exponentially. Due to completelyunnecessary and malevolent energy policies, Americans are already turning off their gas heat becausethey […]