Whistleblower Protection

Whistleblowers are often a Nation’s first line of defense from fraud, waste, and abuse. In many cases, particularly within the intelligence community (IC), they may be the only line of […]

Private Property and Small Business Rights

The Biden administration has completed the conversion of federal agencies from regulatory bodies to lethal tools of oppression. 87,000 new IRS agents have been authorized to prey on your finances […]

West Virginia Infrastructure

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave WV a grade of “D” for its state infrastructure in 2020.Immediate investment in critical infrastructure could bring 10,000 much-needed jobs to West Virginia. […]

Energy Independence

The technology to burn coal cleanly isn’t a fantasy or a slogan; it exists. While Biden’s left hand grants permission to Venezuela to restart oil production, his right hand restricts […]

Ending Medical Tyranny

So many West Virginians have suffered under COVID lockdowns. In the name of “saving lives”,governments across the nation–including this state–have destroyed them. The Washington Post calledthe effect of lockdowns on […]

Corporate Bailouts

If a corporation is “Too big to fail” then maybe, it’s time to break it up. The American taxpayer shouldnever be made into an emergency piggy bank for corporations. Corporate […]

Securing National Critical Infrastructure and Supply Chain

America must bring back American manufacturing, not just for producing American jobs, but for nationalsecurity purposes. An independent and diverse supply chain for critical infrastructure–such as fertilizer forcrops, processors for […]

The Surveillance State & Privacy Rights

Ever since the introduction and passage of the Patriot Act after 9-11, we have seen an ever-growingthreat to liberty growing unchecked within our own government. That threat is quickly becoming […]

Foreign Aid

The U.S. must end unaccountable foreign aid while Americans are suffering under the burden of inflationand taxation. U.S. veterans are homeless while we pay for housing for Ukrainians. This isunconscionable.

Securing The US/Mexico Border and Destroying the Cartels

In 2021, the equivalent of the population of Ireland crossed into the United States outside of lawfulprocesses. Much of this population transfer is organized by criminal organizations–human traffickers andcartels–and by […]